Can Music Help in Surgery Recovery?

The power of music is so much more than a simple pleasure or an escape from our daily lives. Research is showing that it has the power to heal. In fact, it’s lead to a healthcare niche known as music therapy.

In recovering from surgery, it’s important to relax and give your body the time it needs to heal. But according to The New York Times, an additional component for recovery may be putting on your favorite tunes.

The study mentioned in the New York Times focused mainly on patients recovering from surgery in hospitals, undergoing a variety of procedures. It was published in The Lancet in August 2015. Music was played before, during and after medical procedures.

The most effective time for patients to listen to music was before their procedure was conducted, but overall stats showed significantly less post-operative pain and medication use compared to non-music listeners. All statistics were self-reported by patients.

What does this mean for my surgery recovery?

Recovering from bariatric surgery may not require staying in a hospital or bed rest, but you can still employ the findings from this study into your recovery process.

Music may help in relaxing before surgery, or to reduce stress. Listening to music may also be a great non-medical way to address minor discomfort. Pick your own music—making it your choice directly affects your recovery! Putting together a new music playlist may help motivate you to fulfill any exercise requirements your doctor may recommend.

Overall, music is most helpful to patients as a tool for relaxing and coping with any potential pain or discomfort. Ask your doctor if you can listen to music in the time leading up to the procedure, or check if music will be played during the operation itself. It is a cheap and easy way to put your body (and your mind) more at ease during bariatric surgery.

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