Motivation Tips Anyone Can Use

motivation tipsHaving a hard time staying positive or getting motivated? There are challenges along the road to permanent weight loss, but adopting a positive mindset can help you push through on those difficult days. Here are some simple motivational tips that will help you perform well and stay positive, even when you don’t feel like it.

Tip #1: Create a Routine That Works for You.

Put a routine in place that can help pull you out of any slump. If you know you need to exercise, but are not feeling motivated to get started, you’ll need to have something set in motion that can help get you moving.  Start small, then take one step after the next toward your end goal. Choose activities that you enjoy, like hula hooping, taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood, or even dancing in the privacy of your very own living room, to help get you moving when you least want to. Promise yourself you’ll go for it, regardless of your mood, and then let go of the outcome. Here are some awesome totivation tips

Tip #2: Stick To the Same Pattern Every Time.

For many of us, routines surrounding food led to excess pounds in the past. However, on your path toward sustainable health and wellness, creating new habits and patterns can lead to the achievement of your weight loss goals. Once you hone in on a motivation technique that works for you, whether that is playing a particular song or joining a friends for lunch-break jog, try to replicate the experience. Eventually, this routine will become a healthy habit and motivation will naturally come as you regularly engage in it.


Tip #3: Strive for Excellence.

No one loves to fail, so strive for excellence in every part of your routine. Set patterns that will change who you are and what you believe, so you always feel motivated to perform well. Teach yourself that you can break through limitations of both mind and body.  


Tip#4: Engage in Positive Self-Talk

When you’re unmotivated, you already feel down. Don’t pile on stress with negative words and thoughts. Instead, utilize self-compassion and meet yourself right where you are. If you’re tired, even a brief walk can get you out of the house and feeling some level of accomplishment. Be sure to reward yourself with encouraging words and the vow to try it again tomorrow. Small steps create routine, and routine reshapes your life.


Building small patterns and routines will help you overcome a lack of motivation. Start the process with small and consistent steps that re-train your body and mind. If you practice building positive habits, you will soon be able to tackle the ups and downs of life with confidence. You are strong and capable of living an incredible life, even when things get tough.


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