Weight Loss Surgery May Improve Kidney Function

Weight Loss SurgeryAccording to a new study presented at this month’s American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week 2014, kidney function may improve after weight loss surgery.

There were 3,134 people involved in the study. They were followed for approximately two and a half years. A year after they had bariatric surgery the average decrease in weight was about 86 pounds. The average body mass index decreased from 46.8 to 32.6.

“Bariatric surgery serves as a good model to examine the effects of weight loss on kidney function. Our findings suggest a beneficial impact on kidney function in patients with and without baseline kidney disease,” said Dr. Alex Chang of the Geisinger Medical Center. “More emphasis should be placed on promoting healthy lifestyles to avoid morbid obesity, and prevent chronic kidney disease.”

In the study, every 10 pounds of weight loss was accompanied by a measurable improvement in kidney function. This is good news for those who already suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Not only does weight loss surgery have a direct positive impact on kidney function, it also improves the two leading diseases that are the leading causes for impaired kidney function- diabetes and hypertension. Improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure mean that the cumulative negative effects on the kidneys is decreased or removed altogether.

For those who already suffer from chronic kidney disease, weight loss surgery can allow for disease reversal. Of course, it’s far better to prevent a problem than to treat a problem. Treating the obesity, diabetes, and hypertension with weight loss surgery prior to the damage to the kidneys is the better option. A visit with your Bariatric Surgeon will help you decide whether or not the surgical route is the best one for you.

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