Glen is a former Marine who found his health deteriorating and weight increasing. He decided to do something to improve his health and his life by having Dr. Bledsoe perform a Sleeve Gastrectomy. Now, several years later, he is an avid Crosfitter who spends his spare time entering “Tough Mudder” competitions across the country.

Recently, Glen took on the challenge of being the local Chapter Director of Team RWB, a non-profit organization with a mission of enriching the lives of America’s current and returning veterans by creating communities of veterans who interact through physical and social activities.

Not only is Glen a great success story for the weight loss surgery community, but he is also an example to everyone in his selfless dedication to returning veterans.

* Please note – Results and individual symptoms may vary.


We’ll let Kasa speak for herself…

“My name is Kasa, and I was a patient of Dr. Bledsoe’s two years ago in August of 2011. I came to the office weighing 298 lbs at 25 years old and had a full gastric bypass done. It will be two years in August, and I’ve maintained a healthy weight of 150 lbs for some time now. I just wanted to say thanks again and remind you that you truly do chage peoples lives. I’m beyond grateful for the tools you’ve given me that’s allowed me to be a healthier parent for my 5 year old daughter.”
* Please note – Results and individual symptoms may vary.

Kasa before and after bariatric surgery


Before and after shots of B.R.’s Gastric Sleeve procedure. *


Before and after shots of Julie’s Gastric Sleeve procedure. *

This patient has lost 125 pounds in 8 months! *

Down 165 lbs, from an XXXXL to a M! *

Patient 6 months post-operation *